History of the Neddy

Ned Behnke was a beloved member of the Behnke Family and a renowned and talented painter. Ned had a passion for the arts that extended beyond his own work. He appreciated the myriad forms that art takes and realized its importance in the community.

Honoring a Legacy

The Behnke Family founded the Neddy in 1996 as a way to honor Ned’s legacy as a visual artist. The Neddy, under the auspices of the Behnke Foundation has become one of the most important art awards in Seattle.

We are honored to have such a distinguished, talented and strong list of artists as part of the Neddy Awards program. Please browse our website to view the work of each of these gifted artists.


Ned Behnke


Painting: Nathan DiPietro, Robert Hardgrave, Paul Komada, Kimberly Trowbridge
Open Medium: Dawn Cerny, Mandy Greer, Davida Ingram, Clyde Petersen

Matt Browning2015

Painting: Matt Browning, Paul Komada, Elise Richman, Robert Yoder
Open Medium: Leo Berk, Mark Calderon, Wynne Greenwood, Mark Mitchell

Susanna Bluhm2014

Painting: Susanna Bluhm, Robert Hardgrave, Kimberly Trowbridge, Claude Zervas
Open Medium: Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes, Mark Calderon, Clyde Petersen, Joey Veltkamp

Victoria Haven2013

Painting: Emily Gherard, Andrea Heimer, Matthew Offenbacher, Robert Yoder
Open Medium: Julie Alpert, Jack Daws, Victoria Haven, Dan Webb

Stacey Rozich2012

Painting: Gala Bent, Cynthia Camlin, Jeremy Mangan, Stacey Rozich
Open Medium: James Coupe, Eirik Johnson, Lead Pencil Studio (Annie Han | Daniel Mihalyo), Susie Lee

Margie Livingston2010

Painting: Ken Kelly, Margie Livingston, Matthew Offenbacker, Joey Veltkamp
Glass: Dante Marioni, Richard Marquis, Marvin Oliver, Sabrina Knowles/Jenny Pohlman

April Surgent 2009

Painting: Timothy Cross, Eric Elliott, Gary Faigin, Lynda Lowe
Glass: Joey Kirkpatrick/Flroa C. Mace, Sabrina Knowles/Jenny Pohlman, Benjamin Moore, April Surgent

Randy Hayes 2008

Painting: Catherine Cook, Randy Hayes, Denzil Hurley, Robert Yoder
Ceramics: Doug Jeck, Peter Olsen, John Taylor, Akio Takamori

Whiting Tennis 2007

Painting: Buddy Bunting, Victoria Haven, Whiting Tennis
Printmaking: Charles Krafft, Yuki Nakamura, Eric Nelsen, Alex Shweder, Tip Toland

Brian Murphy 2006

Painting: Jaq Chartier, David C. Kane, Brian Murphy, Barbara Earl Thomas
Printmaking: Dawn Cerny, Blake Haygood, Barbara Robertson

Joseph Park 2005

Painting: Jaq Chartier, Mary Larson, Helen O'Toole, Joseph Park, Jeffrey Simmons

Claire Cowie 2004

Painting: Laura Castellanos, Claire Cowie, Victoria Haven, Joseph Park

Susan Dory 2003

Painting: Susan Dory, Randy Hayes, Robert C. Jones, Barbara Earl Thomas

Donnabelle Casis 2002

Painting: Donnabelle Casis, Philip Govedare, John Feodorov, Julia Ricketts
Printmaking: Dionne Haroutunian, Deborah Mersky, Eva Isaksen, Elizabeth Sandvig

Mark Takamichi Miller 2001

Painting: Dennis Evans, Mark Takamichi Miller, Ken Kelly, Robery Yoder
Sculpture: Cris Bruch, Pam Gazale, Doug Jeck

Mary Ann Peters 2000

Painting: George Chacona, Deborah Mersky, Mary Ann Peters, Liza von Rosenstiel
Sculpture: Lita Batho, Claudia Fitch, Patrick Holderfield, Helen Lessick

Jeffry Mitchell 1999

Painting: Jaq Chartier, Denzil Hurley, Maxine Martell, Jeffry Mitchell
Photography: Doug Keyes, Richard Lewis, Robert Lyons, Glenn Rudolph

Lauri Chambers 1998

Painting: Ross Palmer Beecher, Lauri Chambers, Mary Ann Peters, Jeff Hansel, Barbara Earl Thomas
Photography: Eduardo Calderon, Mary Peck, Lynn Thompson, Benjamin Wilkins

Juan Alonso1997

Painting: Juan Alonso, Pat DeCaro, Pat Max Emminger, Randy Hayes, Samaj

Michael C. Spafford 1996

Painting: Juan Alonso, Sylvain Klaus, Deborah F. Lawrence, Anne Siems,
Michael C. Spafford

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