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The Behnke Foundation is a private family foundation whose purpose is to help improve the quality of life in the communities where the Behnke families live and work. Since 1996, the Behnke Foundation has awarded The Neddy, an annual artist award program in memory of Robert E. (Ned) Behnke (1948-1989). Ned Behnke, the son of Sally and Robert Behnke, was a beloved member of the Behnke Family and a renowned and talented painter.


Neddy Artist Award

In 2012, the Behnke Foundation began its partnership with Cornish College of the Arts.  Cornish’s Stewardship has allowed the award to grow in both monetary means and in accessibility for artists. From a nomination only beginning, the Neddy Awards are now open call, with an online application, reaching a greater audience of artists.

Each year, eight artists living and working in the Greater Puget Sound region are chosen by a panel of Regional Arts Professionals. From these eight artists, two $25,000 unrestricted awards are given – one in painting and one in any medium or combination of media grounded in the visual arts.

Archive 1996-2016

Artwork of past nominees and recipients of the Neddy.

PLEASE NOTE: The Behnke Foundation, Cornish College of the Arts, and the Museum of History & Industry collectively acknowledge and do not support the personal and artistic views of Charles Krafft, which came to light after his reception of the Neddy Artist Award. These three institutions acknowledge the extremely harmful effects of past and present White Supremacy, Nazi ideals, and his Alternative Right-Wing agenda. Charles Krafft will be removed and excluded from past, present, and future Neddy Artist Award program and Anniversary texts, programming, and print and digital materials due to the harmful nature of his views and values. The Behnke Foundation and family does not support his ideologies.

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