History of the Neddy

Ned Behnke was a beloved member of the Behnke Family and a renowned and talented painter. Ned had a passion for the arts that extended beyond his own work. He appreciated the myriad forms that art takes and realized its importance in the community.

Honoring a Legacy

The Behnke Family founded the Neddy in 1996 as a way to honor Ned’s legacy as a visual artist. The Neddy, under the auspices of the Behnke Foundation has become one of the most important art awards in Seattle.

We are honored to have such a distinguished, talented and strong list of artists as part of the Neddy Awards program. Please browse our website to view the work of each of these gifted artists.


Ned Behnke

Matt Browning2015

Painting: Matt Browning, Paul Komada, Elise Richman, Robert Yoder
Open Medium: Leo Berk, Mark Calderon, Wynne Greenwood, Mark Mitchell

Susanna Bluhm2014

Painting: Susanna Bluhm, Robert Hardgrave, Kimberly Trowbridge, Claude Zervas
Open Medium: Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes, Mark Calderon, Clyde Petersen, Joey Veltkamp

Victoria Haven2013

Painting: Emily Gherard, Andrea Heimer, Matthew Offenbacher, Robert Yoder
Open Medium: Julie Alpert, Jack Daws, Victoria Haven, Dan Webb

Stacey Rozich2012

Painting: Gala Bent, Cynthia Camlin, Jeremy Mangan, Stacey Rozich
Open Medium: James Coupe, Eirik Johnson, Lead Pencil Studio (Annie Han | Daniel Mihalyo), Susie Lee

Margie Livingston2010

Painting: Ken Kelly, Margie Livingston, Matthew Offenbacker, Joey Veltkamp
Glass: Dante Marioni, Richard Marquis, Marvin Oliver, Sabrina Knowles/Jenny Pohlman

April Surgent 2009

Painting: Timothy Cross, Eric Elliott, Gary Faigin, Lynda Lowe
Glass: Joey Kirkpatrick/Flroa C. Mace, Sabrina Knowles/Jenny Pohlman, Benjamin Moore, April Surgent

Randy Hayes 2008

Painting: Catherine Cook, Randy Hayes, Denzil Hurley, Robert Yoder
Ceramics: Doug Jeck, Peter Olsen, John Taylor, Akio Takamori

Whiting Tennis 2007

Painting: Buddy Bunting, Victoria Haven, Whiting Tennis
Printmaking: Charles Krafft, Yuki Nakamura, Eric Nelsen, Alex Shweder, Tip Toland

Brian Murphy 2006

Painting: Jaq Chartier, David C. Kane, Brian Murphy, Barbara Earl Thomas
Printmaking: Dawn Cerny, Blake Haygood, Barbara Robertson

Joseph Park 2005

Painting: Jaq Chartier, Mary Larson, Helen O'Toole, Joseph Park, Jeffrey Simmons

Claire Cowie 2004

Painting: Laura Castellanos, Claire Cowie, Victoria Haven, Joseph Park

Susan Dory 2003

Painting: Susan Dory, Randy Hayes, Robert C. Jones, Barbara Earl Thomas

Donnabelle Casis 2002

Painting: Donnabelle Casis, Philip Govedare, John Feodorov, Julia Ricketts
Printmaking: Dionne Haroutunian, Deborah Mersky, Eva Isaksen, Elizabeth Sandvig

Mark Takamichi Miller 2001

Painting: Dennis Evans, Mark Takamichi Miller, Ken Kelly, Robery Yoder
Sculpture: Cris Bruch, Pam Gazale, Doug Jeck

Mary Ann Peters 2000

Painting: George Chacona, Deborah Mersky, Mary Ann Peters, Liza von Rosenstiel
Sculpture: Lita Batho, Claudia Fitch, Patrick Holderfield, Helen Lessick

Jeffry Mitchell 1999

Painting: Jaq Chartier, Denzil Hurley, Maxine Martell, Jeffry Mitchell
Photography: Doug Keyes, Richard Lewis, Robert Lyons, Glenn Rudolph

Lauri Chambers 1998

Painting: Ross Palmer Beecher, Lauri Chambers, Mary Ann Peters, Jeff Hansel, Barbara Earl Thomas
Photography: Eduardo Calderon, Mary Peck, Lynn Thompson, Benjamin Wilkins

Juan Alonso1997

Painting: Juan Alonso, Pat DeCaro, Pat Max Emminger, Randy Hayes, Samaj

Michael C. Spafford 1996

Painting: Juan Alonso, Sylvain Klaus, Deborah F. Lawrence, Anne Siems,
Michael C. Spafford

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